The coffee roast house in Hamburg on the Elbe

Coffee is art.Only without self-mutilation.

We are Public Coffee Roasters – a company from Hamburg. We roast, process and sell Third Wave specialty coffee from our houseboat, which dropped its anchor right in Hamburg’s beautiful Elbe.

Our goal is to make the art of coffee brewing available to everyone. Smell. Taste. Feel. Coffee for all senses.

“Public” in this case stands for the public interest that we try to invoke for coffee and its versatility and also for the transparency of our products and service.
We represent the “Third Wave” – idea. That means, we view Coffee production as craft and coffee as a diverse quality product.
We attach great importance to Know-How and a fresh, gentle and individual roast.
Only someone who knows everything about origin and production of coffee is able to extract the maximal aroma potential from a bean.

“Attentiveness in every work step” – is our credo – which does not only relate to our approach to handling the coffee but also our relationship with our employees, purveyors and customers.


The coffee cherry is a very special fruit. It grows where is it warm, but not hot; rainy, but consistently humid and where the soil is nutrient-rich but also a little acidic.
The area around the equator is a perfect match.

Coffee is like wine. Soil, temperature, sun, rainfall – everything has an influence on the fine taste of the bean. We are looking all over the world for varieties where the balance is right. Those that knock our socks off, wake us up and make us want to jump up in the air out of excitement. Simply the best coffee that is to find.

We source our beans from small importers who are in direct contact with the farmers and who know exactly where to find hidden treasures. Often we also work directly with the coffee farmers. Our aim is to import directly as much as possible.

If we like the cultivation conditions and the location of a farm, then we will request a sample. Numerous of samples. Every bean is roasted and subsequently its taste will be measured through cupping. How is the aroma? Is it sweet or has it got a acidic taste? How intense is the body?

Should we like what we tasted, we contact the supplier and fire up the roaster.

Because that is when the pleasure starts.


We are not just swimming upstream with our roast house. Third Wave-coffee places the bean in the spotlight. How can the individual flavours be carved out during the roast process? Which varieties harmonies, which cultivation locations produce the perfect bean? In every composition is our love and passion for really good coffee. Stimulant or flavour bomb, espresso or roast coffee, complex beans create complex coffee.

Each bag is packed individually. From content to the label, everything is handmade and therefore emphasises the individual character of each blend. The flavour nuances can not just be found in each cup, but also on the label. We attach great importance to give each blend its own personality, so that our customers know exactly what is hiding underneath the packaging. Namely best coffee, roasted in Hamburg.

For connoisseurs. For individualists. For everyone.

Das gehört in jeden guten Koffeinhaushalt.

Handverlesen auf den besten Kaffeefarmen dieser Welt.

Handgemacht bis zum Etikett.