Kaffee für das Büro

Ohne Pitch zum Kaffee-Etat.

If you want to create extraordinary things, you shouldn’t be drinking ordinary coffee.

An agency office kitchen without coffee is like a hipster without a beard: totally unthinkable. Anyone who has ever stood in front of a broken or empty office coffee machine on a Monday morning knows how frustrating that can be. Sometimes a cup of coffee is essential for survival.

Unique. Tasty. More than just office kitchen coffee.

Coffee fuels the economy. Is your office no exception? With us you get an customised package matching to your taste buds. We’d love to send you a sample of the best coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia. Do you like an espresso from Yirgacheffe or do you prefer a fruity blend from South America? Coffee like this will be hard to find in any other office kitchen. Freshly roasted in Hamburg, handpicked from all over the world.

We also have different concepts in terms of machines and equipment. Depending on how big your office kitchen is and how many coffee junkies you have, we can help you decide which machine works best for you. Maybe an automated machine, where on the push of a button the delicious coffee shoots into your cup. Or next time you walk into the kitchen you make yourself a fresh cup of French press coffee. Together we can find out what suits your office best and then combine that with our offer.

This is how the coffee ends up in your cup

We are looking all over the world for the best coffee beans. Is it the right soil? Is the weather right? What are the conditions of the farm? We only test the coffee beans if everything is right. During cupping we test the coffee at room temperature, compare it with related varieties and analyse the flavour profiles. Once we are satisfied we order the beans by the sack onto our houseboat, which anchors right on Hamburg’s main ricer the Elbe.

After each bag of beans is hand packed it makes its way into your office kitchen, to fuel your brains. Who knows maybe that one cup of coffee will lead to the next ground breaking idea. One thing is for sure: The coffee tastes good.

An event for any taste.

How much body has the coffee got? How much acidity? Does it taste chocolaty or fruity? Together we go on a taste expedition, which will astound every participant. You won’t just learn about the different flavour profiles in our coffee-workshops but also about the origin and processing of your daily caffeine boost. That way the teambuilding happens automatically. Because the best conversations still happen over a good cup of coffee.

Send us your individual requests, we will get back to you at once