Kaffee für das Restaurant und Café

Everything from one craft.

Time is ticking. The next meeting is waiting, the lunch break was way too short. Stumbling he hold on to his briefcase. A smooth smell tingles in his nose. An incomparable smell comes from the café. Quick now, a good cup of coffee! Invigorated it goes back to the office. That was really necessary.

Good coffee in your café, restaurant or hotel? We would love to help with that! “Coffee To Remember instead of Coffee To Go!” – that is our motto.

As unique as each coffee blend is, as unique is also its preparation. We offer concept solutions for gastronomy, hotels, open plan offices and private homes.

A hip café needs coffee beans with character and a wide line-up of handpicked varieties, while a high-end restaurant wants to treat its guests with an excellent espresso or unique filter coffee.

Which coffee machines is the right one, we will figure that out together. We do not just help to find the right equipment und the right coffee, we also train your staff in how to handle the roasted beans as well as the work-flow and the machines work. That way you can offer your customers gourmet delights – with coffee from one supplier.

Restaurant solutions

Serving a lasting impression with the last course of the dinner. An espresso after the meal relaxes and energises the guest.

You offer high-end, regional, down-to-earth or extravagant food? A coffee after the feast is part of the etiquette. And if then your coffee can do more than just invigorate, then your guests have another reason to dine with you. For your food. And the espresso afterwards.

An elegant French press or an espresso machine can make the perfect coffee. We supply you with the right beans. Roasted in Hamburg, handpicked from the best farms all over the world and selected with great care. Public Coffee Roasters helps to bring coffee pleasure to Germany – and to your restaurant.

We provide personal and individual advice to pick the right equipment. What is needed, what do you want, what do you enjoy? We will find out what your needs are during a personal meeting over a good cup of coffee.

Café solutions

The sun is out, people are getting up. Time for a coffee. To Go or to drink in – in a café the best beans are an absolute must have. We will make sure that your guests are not left high and dry. And that you have the best coffees from all over the world under one roof.

Sende uns Deine individuelle Anfrage, wir melden uns umgehend bei Dir.

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