Coffee as an experience

Tastings. This is where taste buds are challenged.

Where are the Charles Schumanns standing behind the espresso machine? If you want to serve your guests great coffee, it is not enough to just have great coffee beans, you also need to know-how to prepare the coffee. We will give you both. In a coffee workshop we will teach you the art of coffee making.

A tasty lesson and delicious experience: We love to pass on our knowledge. In a coffee seminar for groups or colleagues or during a coffee workshop for your café – with us you will learn why coffee and wine have more in common as one would think and why you should drink cold coffee, to experience a real flavour bomb during cupping. Everything in a relaxed, but professional atmosphere and of course with a good cup of coffee.

A tasty teambuilding.

Climbing park again? Instead of company outing, you will learn during our teambuilding coffee workshop how you can brainstorm even more effectively in the office kitchen. After all, that is where the best ideas come from. Try different coffee varieties, rediscover espresso and compare different flavour profiles – everything under our guidance and with the entire team. The best teambuilding happens over a good cup of coffee.

We are happy to help you to create a program after your wishes. Together with you we will advice you on the size of the event and the arrangement of the experience.
It is all about creating a trainings course after your expectations. And about really good coffee from Hamburg.

Barista course.Like school. Just better.

Our craft is no magic, if you have a good teacher. We offer private- and business customers an extensive barista course, which we hold in our roasting facility or in your restaurant or home.

From choosing and treatment of different coffee varieties, to the basics of different ways of preparation you will learn everything to be able to make a delicious and unique cup of coffee. How do I create that milk foam? What do I need to look out for when making an espresso? How do I set the grinder correctly? We will teach you all that and many more tips and tricks to create the perfect latte art.

With this training you won’t just impress your guests, but also improve your taste buds and be able to serve specialty coffee in your café or restaurant. It is about aromas, finest flavour nuances and of course, to turn the best beans into coffee.

Passion for caffeine

We live for our job. We are using a big chunk of our time to find the best coffee farms all over the world. We buy. We test. We roast. In the coffee workshop we pass all that knowledge on to you.

Care in every step of the way – that is our basic idea, our credo.
Handpicked. Hand-roasted. Handmade.

Because coffee is so much more than just a stimulant. True to the Third Wave-movement we look at each bean as something special. Weather. Soil. Humidity. All these things influence the flavour. We roast our coffee in small batches on our houseboat in Hamburg. Every single batch gets the treatment it deserves: a gentle roast and best treatment. We want to pass on our passion for coffee. In an intimate training course for coffee experts and all those who want to become one.

Sende uns Deine individuelle Anfrage, wir melden uns umgehend bei Dir.

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