Coffee for exhibitions & events

I came, saw and tasted.

Whether company event, festival or cultural happening – our coffee catering will transform your small or big event to a flavour experience. Aroma. Flavour. Caffeine. What more could business partners want?

You can book us with coffee stand and equipment – depending on what it is you want. Without espresso machine we serve your guests fresh filter coffee. With espresso machine we can also treat your guests to cappuccino, latte macchiato and aromatic espressos. Always present are of course our baristas who function as hosts at the bar and impress with their know-how.

Coffee connects: Our coffee-bar quickly becomes a refuge at your exhibition and a magnet for your guests, customers and organisers. Everyone comes together, chatting, with a cup of coffee in their hand. Networking can be so delicious.

New energy for the exhibition

Good coffee works. When during the break at the conference everyone takes the coffee stand by storm that is not just a break, it is a happening. This is where the real deals at your conference are made. Where people connect. Everything with a fresh cup of coffee.

We are perfectly equipped to deal with the stream of guests during a lecture or lunch break. We customise the demand for machines, baristas and caffeine to your expectations and number of guests. During an exhibition, visitors tend to spread out, with smaller peaks during the day. But at a conference or an event with breaks, it is important to be ready so that everyone gets their espresso fast and is ready for the next round.

We are happy to advice you when you put together your coffee catering for your event.

Coffee catering. Stimulant inclusive.

No cold coffee here. The espresso has to be hot, made from the best beans that with its aromas, its flavour and abundance of caffeine will knock you off your feet. Or at least wake you up. A good coffee must not be missing from any meeting. If there is an important business transaction, the espresso cannot be strong enough.

Our mobile coffee-bar is quick to set up to serve you best coffee from Hamburg. Roasted in our houseboat on the Elbe, handpicked from all over the world.

Your meeting is stalling, the ideas won’t flow and the boss is waiting? Our coffee catering will give you a boost. That way you can make good decisions and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Multitasking was never this enjoyable and the specialty coffees will also impress your guests. Win-Win!

Unique. Like our coffee.

Every event has its own profile. That’s why we customise our offer, beans and equipment to your wishes and expectations. Our coffee stand is built from collapsible parts and can be set up anywhere. All we need is a power supply system. We take care of everything else. We easily fit our appearance to your event: At a gala with shirt and bow tie or at an Open-Air in casual jeans. Because our coffee tastes just as good from a china cup as it does from a paper cup.

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